Frequently asked questions

How long does a project take?

A typical project will take from two to eight days of hands on work at the project site. The entire process includes communication and scheduling, along with design and material selection, samples and approvals, ect. We need at least three weeks of planning and designing before your scheduled work on site.

How much does it cost?

Our floors typically run between $6 and $10 per square foot fully installed. With many variables to consider, we like to come out and take a look at the project before committing to a price. Be careful when price shopping floors. All materials are different. While our prices are all inclusive, others may only tell you the sqft price for the tile/laminate material…and leave out the labor, installation materials, demo/disposal, transportation, exhausted tools, etc.

How does it perform in high traffic areas?

Our Artists use contractor grade materials, which means that we make it out of the same stuff your house is made of. Our carefully tested and selected materials are formulated for high traffic commercial attractions and industrial application. We are always exploring what the industry is doing new and testing out all the best materials available.

How do I care for my new flooring?

In both residential and commercial settings, I recommend a mild streak free detergent like Dawn© dish soap to clean. I would advise a yearly standard of buffing with wax in commercial locations- depending on traffic- to keep the floor non slip and approx. 5 years for residential maintenance. This will ensure your design will keep it’s luster for years to come.

Can you do walls too?

Yes. We may use a different process and material for vertical surfaces, rest assured that your project will be performed with the same detail and care as our flooring projects. If you are interested, please inquire about our Mural services.

What do I need to do to prepare for your arrival?

Every project is a bit different. We will be in close contact for the design process, and it will be clearly communicated what is required of you for your specific project. Typically, we ask that our clients make arrangements to not have any traffic (foot or otherwise) on the project site, ensure that there is utilities available and make parking arrangements for our artists. You’ll receive an email detailing what we need from you for our Artisans to perform their best work.

Isn’t concrete hard on your feet?

The application we will be performing will actually feel better on your feet than a tile. Ceramic is unnaturally cold and flat…really bad for your feet. Our materials and installations overwhelmingly receive positive reviews over tile in every way.

What If I drop something and chip the floor?

The likelihood is minimal that you will damage this floor, however, we do like to be realistically prepared for any event. You will be provided with a touch up kit upon request. The flooring is surprisingly easy to repair and you will have direct access to your Installation Artists in case anything ever does go wrong.

Is there yearly maintenance required?

Although these materials are formulated to withstand a high volume of traffic, we recommend that you maintain a standard buffing of wax to ensure the luster of your flooring will last for years to come.

Do I have to come up with the idea for my specialty floor?

While most of our clients have something in mind, you do not have to have an idea in order to call us. Let us brainstorm ideas with you! Our Artists are trained and experienced in choosing just the right colors and feel of your project so that it feels right at home where it is. Our overwhelming response is “It’s exactly what I wanted!”

Is there an extra design fee? Do I need to hire a designer?

Your Artist will be designing the project with you. You are free to interact as much or as little as you like. While we will most definitely give you what you desire, our artists do appreciate a bit of freedom. If you are already working with a designer, architect or contractor, we are happy to communicate with them regarding the project but prefer direct access to the clientele.

How long does it last?

This is a lifetime installation. Our materials are at the top of the market for building supplies, recommended to be used in commercial, industrial, and commercial attraction application. Please see your care sheet to ensure long term beauty.

Can you do this outside?

Yes, however we do NOT recommend a shiny or high gloss finish for exterior application. Our materials are all UV stable, which means the colors won’t easily fade in the sunlight. The materials are industry-wide, made to be used in exterior applications with high preforming results.

Can I use this process in commercial bathrooms?

Yes. This is considered a ‘seamless’ flooring application which complies with most states’ non-slip, low VOC regulations. It is easy to clean because it is a non porous, and you also don’t have to worry about water getting under your floor in case of leaks. The materials have a strong resistance to chemicals and because there is no grout, you don’t have to worry about odor. Simply wash with soap and water, rinse, and squeegee.

Is this like those 3D floors I see on the Google machine?

Our designs don’t just LOOK 3D…they really ARE 3D, meaning you can feel the texture of the work. Our process is hand crafted on site, so there is no cut and paste imaging going on here. Truly, you will be impressed.