Epoxy Care

 A high-quality Epoxy installation by an experienced applicator can provide a new surface that will last for decades, especially when protected by a good-quality sealer. For the best long term performance, please adhere to these recommendations on care.

Routine Maintenance

Even these durable coatings will require some routine maintenance, depending on exposure conditions and the type and amount of traffic they receive. With proper care, your installation should last indefinitely. The key is to simply keep it clean.

  • For regular cleaning of your interior floor, it is important to keep free of debris. A simple dry dust mop, vacuum, or swiffer-style microfiber mop will work well for daily to weekly maintenance.
  • If your floor is heavily trafficked by machinery, every three or four months a more vigorous scrub may be required. When mopping, use a microfiber or swiffer style mop. A string mop will leave streak marks.  If you see streaks while mopping, change to a new pad. It is not uncommon to use several pads to completely clean the floor.
  • Wet mopping or dry dust mopping is typically the only upkeep needed to avoid the buildup of abrasive dirt particles. On Residential Garage space, using a blower to remove accumulated debris regularly will keep it looking nice. Use a ph neutral cleaner if necessary. Here are some common cleaners that would be acceptable: 


  • Simple Green 
  • Mild Dish Soap
  • Ammonia 
  • ZEP Neutral Floor Cleaner
  • Natural Stone Cleaner
  • Or any other cleaner that has a PH of 7. 

A warning for when you are cleaning your epoxy floor, stay away from certain products. Using citrus cleaners or vinegar can also cause your epoxy floor to lose its glossy shine. Cleaners with soap also have the possibility of leaving streak marks on your floor and will increase the likelihood that your floor will become slippery when wet. This is why chemical cleaners such as simple green and ammonia are recommended for cleaning your epoxy floors.

If you ever have any issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

 Special Care Requirements

While the Epoxy coatings are very durable, they are not indestructible. Please ensure that your furniture has appropriate footings so it doesn’t scar the surface over time. We can – and have- fixed anything that has happened in the past to our floors. Please call us for tips and recommendations if you ever have any questions or issues.

If you ever need to reseal:

Please be sure to check with me if you ever have anyone other than us work on the floor so we can make a recommendation as to the appropriate sealer to use for a particular application. It’s important to verify the  compatibility of the materials.

*If you ever have any issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.   Any problem with the flooring system should be addressed immediately to prevent further damage.