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High traffic living space solutions perfect for garages, bathrooms and kitchens.

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HGTV-level upgrades for your Pool Decks, Driveways and Patios. Spice it up with our Custom Water and Fire Features.

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For something extra special, like Logos or one-of-a-kind, hand crafted Floorscapes ™ let our artists take the reigns!


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Flooring that makes your life easier

Concrete Unicorns

Flooring that lasts, that’s what you’re after. The same materials that are rigorously tested for driveways and pool decks, factories and restaurants are now in our highly trained Artisans’ hands- ensuring that your project will exceed your expectations.

Unlike carpeting, a decorative concrete floor can’t be installed in just a few hours or a day. But the payoff is well worth the extra time and effort involved. Once the project is finished, your concrete floor will look beautiful for decades without the need for replacement.

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• Concrete’s durability
• Hardwood’s look.
– Oak
– Walnut
– Mahogany
– Many more

Yes. Wait… It’s Concrete?!
Our Artisans are creating waves with this new technique that is sweeping the nation! Florida is made of concrete for a reason…indoors or out, you can now have the warm inviting look of wood AND the durability of concrete for a lifetime!!

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Something Special

• Floorscapes™
• Logos
• Accents

Accents, Logos or Floorscapes™ , Our Craftsmen are Artists and are so skilled that it would be a shame if we didn’t let them have a little fun now and then! Let us help you change where you ARE into where you WANT to be, You’re now free to Accent your Home, Highlight your Passions, and Draw Attention to your business with our personal guarantee of satisfaction.

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• Metallic Epoxy
• Garages
• Pool Decks
• Driveways
• Interior Upgrades

This material is typically specified by Architects to use in shopping malls, restaurants, and Hi-Tech clean rooms because of its durability and antimicrobial benefits. These floors are a hundred percent solid material that has no absorbency whatsoever. Your days of cleaning grout are gone!

What You Need to Know

Product & Process

Unlike carpeting, a decorative concrete floor can’t be installed in just a few hours or a day; and the payoff is well worth the extra time and effort involved. Once the project is finished, your concrete floor will look beautiful for decades without the need for replacement, will be easily repaired in the event of damage, and will increase the property value of your home.

The timeline and steps involved to install a decorative concrete floor can vary greatly from job to job. On a small project, such as a bathroom, the timeline can range anywhere from two to five days. The more complex decorative concrete floor projects involving multiple stain or dye colors, an overlay, decorative sawcuts and custom graphics will take much longer to complete than a simple project calling for just one coat of stain and a sealer.

How long does it take?

Here are some key factors influencing the timeline of a decorative concrete floor installation:

• The size of the project.
• The level of complexity.
• Ease of accessibility.
• The condition of the existing floor.
• The need for concrete repair or removal of an existing floor covering.
• The need to protect surrounding surfaces, such as walls and baseboards.
• The length of the dry times required between each step, such as after each stain coat and sealer coat.

Old Concrete Vs. New

The condition of the existing concrete substrate also has a big impact on the time required for project completion. If you have a concrete slab that’s all ready for staining, polishing or application of a decorative coating or overlay, the project should go relatively quickly. If the floor is in need of extensive surface preparation or repair, or needs demolition of existing flooring, be prepared to add at least another day or two to the schedule.

In a new home or building with newly placed concrete floors, the concrete will need to cure completely before a decorative treatment can be applied (generally after seven days or longer). It is imperative that there should be absolutely nothing resting on the new concrete as it is curing. It’s also best to wait until after all drywall is installed, taped and sanded before applying a decorative treatment, to avoid potential damage from other trades.

With all these considerations in mind, our professional installers typically complete a project in 3-5 business days. (weather permitting, if applicable)


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